VP-211DS Automatic VGA / Audio Switcher

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Automatic VGA / Audio Switcher
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VP-211DS, Automatic VGA / Audio Switcher

The VP-211DS is a high performance switcher for computer graphics video signals, with resolutions ranging from VGA through UXGA and higher, and unbalanced stereo audio signals. When configured as a standby switcher, it will switch to the secondary input upon loss of the primary input.

Typical Applications:

  • Any system requiring automatic computer and presentation VGA/XGA routing.

  • Presentation systems with wall plates.



  • High Bandwidth - 300MHz (- 3dB).

  • Looping Input - Input 1.

  • Selectable Input Signal Termination.

  • Control - Automatic or contact closure.

  • ID Bit Control.

  • Automatic Standby Switching - It will switch from secondary input to primary input when a signal is detected

  • Primary Input - Selectable.

  • Compact Size - Part of the Kramer TOOLS™ family of compact, high quality and cost effective solutions.



INPUTS:2 VGA/UXGA on HD15F connectors. 2 unbalanced stereo audio on 3.5 mm mini audio connectors 
OUTPUTS:1 VGA/UXGA on an HD15F connector. 1 VGA/UXGA on an HD15F connector (input #1 loop). 1 unbalanced stereo audio on a 3.5 mm mini audio connector 
MAX. OUTPUT LEVEL:Video: 1.8 Vpp; Audio: 5Vpp. 
BANDWIDTH (-3dB):Video: 300MHz; Audio: 100 kHz. 
DIFF. GAIN:0.04%. 
DIFF. PHASE:0.03 deg. 
S/N RATIO:Video: 70.6 dB; Audio: 89 dB unweighted. 
CROSSTALK:Video: -56 dB @ 5 MHz; Audio: -52 dB @ 1kHz. 
CONTROLS:Input 1 termination switch, contact closure remote control, input 1 ID bit switch (accessible from the underside). Input default selection switches (accessible from the underside). 
AUDIO THD + NOISE:0.019%. 
AUDIO 2nd HARMONIC:  0.003%. 
DIMENSIONS:12 cm x 7.5 cm x 2.5 cm (4.7” x 2.95” x 0.98”, W, D, H). 
WEIGHT:0.3 kg (0.66 lbs.) approx. 


Power supply, mounting bracket.



RK-T1 or RK-T3 19 inch rack mount kit.